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Tennyson Design works with people who are at different stages in business. Some are in the start-up phase and need a visual identity created from scratch. Others have been in business for a while and have an established image or logo that they need reviewed or replaced.

The Tennyson Design experience and expertise are employed to help them through this process. Originality is the key to great design and Tennyson Design is proud to provide unique and creative solutions. We are solution providers, so if your requirements aren’t listed below then please ask. If we can’t help, we will put you in touch with a professional who can.

Concept Creation

Advertising and marketing collateral

Creative concepts / Communications strategy

Brand Identity Design

Logo / Branding

Corporate stationery



Brand name generation

Interactive Media

Website design

Content management systems

Email marketing

Art Direction and Creative Development








We employ a basic three stage process, which is essential for any successful creative project. It involves the client at every step. We spend significant time, up front, discussing who and what you want to be.

We move into the design phase once everybody has an understanding of the creative direction and it is clear we are all on the same page. By researching your needs we are able to get to the core of your branding attributes and present directions of your future identity. With a clear understanding of positioning, branding, and strategic objectives the sign-off stage can be reached and production commences.


Every project is different, and each will require a unique set of ideas and collective expertise. The following process ensures that all objectives are achieved.

Think - plan and prepare

Client meeting / counsel - discuss

Discovering your needs / research - assess - consult

Creative brief

Visualise - design and conceptualise

Creative concept development

Strategic approach

Concept presentation / various directions

Design refinement

Design - produce and supervise

Design approval / refinements finalised

Final sign-off / client approval

Production / elements come together

Delivery / final pieces delivered

Evolve - Realise your full potential.